Petition Inflation

Predictably, there´s a wave of online petitions responding to the draconian and destructive cutbacks. The wording of some of them is more than a little dubious, as they seem to go out of their way to mimic the government´s neo-liberal phraseology and ideologyarguing that a little bit of subsidy actually produces great economic gains, and so on. But in advance of and in addition to (hopefully) more fundamental forms of contestation, these petitions are still highly necessary, and there is no excuse for not signing them, if necessary with clenched teeth. Note that the deadline is the 20th of June, so make haste!
The general petition against the culture cutbacks, which is in Dutch and appears to be aimed exclusively at Dutch citizens, is here: 

The same procedure is followed by the petition in support of SKOR and the journal Open:

SKOR also encourages its international supporters to sign this petition. If you don't read Dutch, you can find instructions on how to do this (it's a tad complicated) here:
An international petition in support of the Rijksakademie can be found via, while De Ateliers is here:

Edit: An open letter in English has just been distributed via e-flux. You can sign it here: 

And you can leave a statement in support of the Jan van Eyck here: